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There are a few buttons in the Elgrand that can be a little confusing, hopefully this brief guide will help with some of them.


This is located at the very end of the gear selector stalk. When the button is depressed/out a light will come on on the dash saying "Overdrive off". When the overdrive is off, the engine will rev higher, and change gear much later. It also will not go higher than 3rd gear. This is good when doing city driving, or stop/start driving. But not good for economy on longer runs. By pressing this button, the light on the dash goes off. The engine will then maintain lower revs, change gear earlier and ultimately increase economy. Most E50 owners choose to have the overdrive engaged all the time, as the engines provide enough torque with it on to be able to drive comfortably in all conditions. It's a personal choice.


This is located to the right of the steering wheel. This switch, when activated, will increase the revs by 500rpm when in PARK or NEUTRAL. This allows the engine to heat much quicker on cold mornings allowing more efficient defrosting in sub-zero temperatures, and also means the heaters will make the interior nice and toasty for when you are ready to set off. Please remember that by increasing the revs, even by 500rpm, will use a lot more fuel on idle.

Dome Light Override

This is located above the heater control panel (it's in the same area as the hazard light/rear heated screen buttons). It's on the far left of these buttons. When this button is pressed in, the rear dome light will not come on. This means when the doors are opened, or when the dome light is turned on permanently via a button on the actual dome light control. This is especially useful if you do not want the rear of the van to light up when opening the doors (for example, if you are sleeping in it or if you have anything in the back you don't want illuminated). This button serves no other function.