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The E50 is the first incarnation of the Nissan Elgrand. It's introduction to the JDM market in 1997 set to bring a new standard in Luxury MPV's. It came in various spec levels, a choice of 7 or 8 seats, four engine variants (2 diesel and 2 petrol), and either 2WD or switchable 2WD/4WD. It was produced until 2002 when it was superceded by the E51.

The "early" E50's ('97-'99) were given the older QD32 3.2 diesel engine and the VG33 3.3 V6 petrol engines. The later "facelift" E50 ('99-'02) came with the more modern ZD30 3.0 diesel engine and the VQ35 3.5 V6 petrol engine.

Standard features include ABS brakes, dual front air bags, soft close sliding door and tailgate, rotating/folding seats, dual (front/rear) climate control, electric mirrors.

Optional features can include remote electric sliding door, parking sensors, dual (front/rear) display monitors, Sat Nav & TV, dual sunroofs, and part or full leather interior.

Engine Variants & Model Numbers

  • QD32ETi 3.2 litre Turbo Diesel - AVE50 (2WD) / AVWE50 (4WD) - 1997 > 2000
  • ZD30DDTi 3.0 litre Neo Turbo Diesel - ATE50 (2WD) / ATWE50 (4WD) - 2000 > 2002
  • VG33E 3.3 litre V6 petrol - ALE50 (2WD) / ALWE50 (4WD) - 1997 > 2000
  • VQ35DE 3.5 litre V6 petrol - APE50 (2WD) / APWE50 (4WD) - 2000 > 2002

Dimensions & Weight

The dimensions and weights are a guideline, depending on the model and if you have added/removed anything from the exterior/interior of the vehicle.

Exterior Dimentions:

  • Length 4740mm
  • Width 1775mm
  • Height 1945mm (This will vary if you have aftermarket wheels/suspension)

Curb Weight:

  • 3.3 VG33E 2030kg
  • 3.5 VQ35DE 2040kg
  • 3.2 QD32ETi 2100kg
  • 3.0 ZD30DDTi 2140kg

Spec Levels & Seats

There are a few basic spec levels when it comes to purchasing an E50 model Elgrand. These are listed below. You can often notice that the E50 has either a "Caravan" or a "Homy" notation on the back. This indicated which dealer in Japan the Elgrand was sold from.

The E50 Caravan & Homy were the basic spec level Elgrand's which featured a velour interior, electric windows, electric mirrors, duel front/rear climate control, rotating middle seats, foldable rear seats and wood panel trim around the dashboard and door cards.

The E50 Highway Star usually featured a half faux-leather interior with blue fabric, a new "sportier" front and rear bumper with side skits, a rear spoiler, and a general upgrade to the feel of the interior.

The E50 Rider variant was a special edition which featured a duel chrome grille at the front, a unique body kit, full leather interior and 16" alloys.

Engine Change and Facelift

The E50 was released to the JDM Market in 1997. The initial release was only with 2 engines, the QD32 3.2 Turbo Diesel and the VG33 3.3 V6. These were in production until 2000, when the E50 facelift model was released.

At this time, there were some minor changes to the front end styling. The biggest difference being the one piece headlight (rather than 4 piece) and a new grille. Some other minor changes relate to the bulbs that are used in the headlights and also in the dashboard.

Also, in 2000 Nissan changed the engines that were used in the E50. The QD32 was replaced with the ZD30 3.0 TD Neo and the VG33 was replaces with the VQ35 3.5 V6.

Following on from this, the VQ35 has been used in every incarnation of the Elgrand inc the latest E52.

Now, the engine is the only common variable between the generations. The transmission, suspension and drivetrain are all totally different and NOT interchangeable. This means that an engine service pack for the E51 VQ35 will be fine for the E50 VQ35. But things like bushes, drop links, brakes, etc are all completely different. So do NOT assume that because the engine service packs are the same that anything else will be.


If you are looking to change your wheels on your Elgrand E50, then you will need to know the basics like bore size, PCD and offset, these are:

  • Centre Bore = 100mm
  • PCD = 6 x 139.7
  • Offset = 35

If you are looking for aftermarket alloys, you'll need to make sure the spec of the wheels resembles the above as closely as possible unless you are up for making other modifications to your vehicle. A common issue is getting wheels with a bigger centre bore. If you do, then you will need Spigot/Hub rings to extend the standard hub size to the centre bore size of the wheel. If you do not use these, you will more than likely suffer with "wheel wobble", and no matter how often you get your Elgrand tracked or the wheels balanced it won't go away.

If you change the offset, you run the risk of having tyres that scrub against the suspension strut or the outer wing, depending on which way you go with the offset.

For a list of acceptable tyre profiles to go with the larger wheels, check against this tyre profile chart.

Colour Options

  • Black over Grey
  • Light Grey over Dark Grey
  • White over Grey
  • Green over Grey
  • All White
  • All Black
  • All Silver

Other Variants

Isuzu Filly

Optional Extras

The optional extras list is seemingly endless, with more and more features turning up all the time. A common upgrade was the Xanavi TV/Navigation unit that came with a front pop up screen and rear flip down screen. This system also utilised an A/V input located behind the drivers seat which allowed connection of another devide to play on both screens.

Other optional extras include an electronically controlled side door, twin electric sunroof, curtains (which could also be electronically controlled), and a rear power supply for external devices that do not use the 9v cigarette lighter port.

Technical / How to Guides


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