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The E51 is the successor to the Elgrand E50. It was released in 2002 and brought a whole new image along with it. Nissan decided once again to make the Elgrand specifically for the JDM market.

The E51 came with a whole new exterior style, incorporating a much "curvier" look than it's predecessor. The interior had a good overhaul as well, with the dash taking a completely new shape.

The suspension and brakes were completely overhauled too, bringing in a multi-link rear suspension set up and replacing the rear drum brakes from the E50 with rear disc brakes.

Engine Variants & Model Numbers

  • VQ25DE 3.3 litre V6 petrol - ME51 (2WD) / MNE51 (4WD)
  • VQ35DE 3.5 litre V6 petrol - E51 (2WD) / NE51 (4WD)

Dimensions & Weight


Spec Levels & Seats

The spec levels were much more easily distinguished than the E50 and had clear cut trim levels. The E51 was again available in 7/8 seats, but there were also 4 and 6 seat models available.

The various seating layouts in a 7/8 seat E51 can be found here

Production Years & Phases



If you are looking to change your wheels on your Elgrand E51, then you will need to know the basics like bore size, PCD and offset, these are:

  • Centre Bore = 66.1mm
  • PCD = 5 x 114.3
  • Offset = 45

If you are looking for aftermarket alloys, you'll need to make sure the spec of the wheels resembles the above as closely as possible unless you are up for making other modifications to your vehicle. A common issue is getting wheels with a bigger centre bore. If you do, then you will need Spigot/Hub rings to extend the standard hub size to the centre bore size of the wheel. If you do not use these, you will more than likely suffer with "wheel wobble", and no matter how often you get your Elgrand tracked or the wheels balanced it won't go away.

If you change the offset, you run the risk of having tyres that scrub against the suspension strut or the outer wing, depending on which way you go with the offset.

Exterior Bulbs


Interior Bulbs


Colour Variants

  • All White
  • All Black
  • All Silver
  • All Gold
  • Black over Grey
  • White over Grey
  • Chameleon Black (Purple/Green/Black)
  • Metallic Dark Red

Optional Extras

  • Twin electric sliding doors
  • Keyless entry/ignition
  • Twin sunroof

Technical / How to Guides


Other Information