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Rear Catalytic Converters

The E51 is fitted with four catalytic converters to reduce emissions to Japanese standards. The drawback of this system is that over time the front cats will deteriorate and clog the rear cats. This will block the exhaust of waste gasses from the engine, forcing the gas back in to the engine along with deteriorating particles from the catalytic converter. This will cause pressure issues within the engine and cause damage that will either be a costly repair to the cylinder block or a whole engine rebuild/replacement. It has happened to many of our members before and will continue to happen. First you will experience power loss, then you will feel the engine being hesitant, it may sound rough. Finally the engine will be inoperable or simply give up.

The only solution to prevent your engine eating itself is to remove the rear catalytic converters! There is no inbetween, they have to go. There are various kits online where you can unbolt the cats and bolt in a straight piece of stainless steel with new flanges or some members use this as an opportunity to shell out a bit more money and go for a full front cat-back exhaust system. This will allow for even better flow of gasses, make your van sound nicer and also help prolong engine life. As well as purchasing the cat removal kit, you can also cut open a small window in the housing and drill/scrape out all the particles and weld the window shut. You could also remove the cats entirely and use a drill, hammer and chisel to get out the particles that way

Catalytic converter deletion is the only solution! Your vehicle will still pass it's MOT. If you decide to take it to a shop to do the work, they should charge no more than £150.

Various images and guides can be found at the following locations:



Rear Seat Removal

Removing the seats in your Elgrand can give you a greater load capability and also reduce weight. How to do this can be found here:


Speaker Upgrade

Tools required

  • 10-12 mm sockets
  • Ratchet
  • Trim removal tool
  • A pick tool
  • Crimp kit

How to remove your rear speakers can be found here: https://forum.elgrandoc.uk/threads/e51-rear-speaker-removal.1987/