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This seems to be a common question amongst current and potential owners. The Elgrand was designed to be a JDM vehicle only. The Japanese are lucky enough to have a really good, subsidised public transport system. With this in mind, cars designed specifically for the JDM market do NOT have economy in mind. Instead, they prefer to go for high power engines for either speed and/or Luxury because in Japan, cars are more of a Hobby than a means to get to the shops or take the kids to school.

When you take into account just how cheap you can get an Elgrand, for roughly £1600 you can install an LPG system. This will decrease your fuel economy by roughly 20%, but you will be paying almost HALF the price to fill up than using Petrol.

The Elgrand owners handbook states that the MOST efficient speeds at which to drive the Elgrand are 40kmph (25mph) and 80kmph (50mph).

When you buy an Elgrand, you are NOT buying it for it's award winning fuel efficiency. You will be lucky to see 26mpg around town or 30mpg on a long run. There are more specific mpg figures depending on the engine you have/want in the below sections:

  • E50
    • 3.2 TD QD32ETi - 20mpg Urban / 36mpg Extra Urban / 24mpg combined
    • 3.0 TD ZD30DDTi - 22mpg Urban / 40mpg Extra Urban / 28mpg combined
    • 3.3 Petrol VG33E - 18mpg Urban / 30mpg Extra Urban / 22mpg combined
    • 3.5 Petrol VQ35DE - 16mpg Urban / 30mpg Extra Urban / 20mpg combined
  • E51
    • 2.5 Petrol VQ25DE - 18mpg Urban / 32mpg Extra Urban / 24mpg combined
    • 3.5 Petrol VQ35DE - 18mpg Urban / 32mpg Extra Urban / 24mpg combined