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The question of where to buy parts is a common question for most new Elgrand owners. Although the Elgrand was a JDM specific vehicle, due to it's popularity as an Import into other countries, there are supplies available for them from local motor factors.

The biggest issue with buying parts is that some local motor factors will buy cheap "pattern" parts, rather than OE quality parts, so please check with your motor factor on what brand the parts are that they will be supplying. A large international supplier of OE quality aftermarket parts is "BluePrint".

If you are in the UK, you can benefit from the knowledge and supply of parts from BMR (link to his website is included below). Brian, who owns BMR, has an extensive knowledge of the Elgrand, and supplies the best possible, OE quality parts. He does ship internationally, but for owners elsewhere in the world, you may want to consider the cost of international postage as car parts can be heavy.

BMR Automotive Website

This covers off the essentials, such as servicing parts. But what about body parts?

For replacement panels etc, your best and cheapest option is going to be to find a local breaker of parts. Bear in mind that as the Elgrand is a fairly rare vehicle outside of Japan, you may need to take into account that replacement panels could be a different colour to your Elgrand, so you may need to take respray costs into account to get a colour match.

Again, in the UK, we have a well known and trusted breaker of Elgrand's known as Tojo Motors UK. A link to their site is included below.

Tojo Motors UK (aka Elgrand Car Parts)

You can of course head over to one of the Japanese Auction sites such as Noppin or Jauce to buy second hand parts for your Elgrand, although you may have difficulty getting panels shipped over. These sites are generally used to buy aftermarket parts that are not available in other parts of the world. If you are wanting to modify/upgrade parts of your Elgrand, then you will likely need deep pockets, as the shipping and fees can get expensive, plus there are is an abundance of nice parts on offer once you start looking.