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3.0 Neo Straight 4 Turbo Diesel (ZD30DDTi) – E50

Model Numbers

  • ATE50 (2WD)
  • ATWE50 (4WD)


  • 170bhp (130kW) @ 3600rpm
  • 260lb-ft (353Nm) @ 1800rpm


  • Capacity – 2953cc
  • Bore – ??
  • Stroke – ??
  • Block – Cast Iron
  • Cylinder Heads – Aluminium
  • Typical Fuel Economy - 22mpg Urban / 34mpg Extra Urban / 28mpg combined
  • Oil Capacity – 6.9litre
  • Oil Type – 5W40 / 10W40 Semi-Synthetic/Fully Synthetic (preferred)
  • Coolant Capacity - ???
  • Transmission Oil Capacity - ???
  • Service Interval – 6000mi or 12 months (whichever comes first)

Common Issues

EGR system: This is an extremely common problem with the ZD30 engine. The EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system gets blocked up which causes a multitude of issues. The primary effect of this is to cause a major drop in performance, but can also lead to early engine detonation if not maintained properly. To combat this, the EGR system needs to be regularly cleaned out (preferably as part of a service each year). Alternatively, you can remove the problem altogether by disconnecting the EGR system and blanking off the pipework. These should be undertaken by a competent mechanic who has a working knowledge of how an EGR system works.

MAF deterioration: Another common problem on any engine that relies on a MAF (Mass Airflow Sensor) to adjust the Air/Fuel ration going into the engine. Over time, the sensor on the MAF can become covered in oil, dirt and other deposits as air flows through it. A simple fix is to remove the sensor, soak in Isopropyl Alcohol for 5 minutes to break down the build up of dirt, and clean with a cotton bud. Another option is to replace the MAF altogether

Overboosting: This problem is interlinked with the above issues. A combination of a blocked EGR system and a dirty MAF can lead to the turbo "overboosting" to compensate for the reduction in engine power. The problem with this, is that the Turbo is not designed to run at such high pressure, and as a result, bursts its seals and chews itself up. However, if the turbo holds out with the increased boost, it will likely cause engine detonation due to the increased air intake temperature and pressure not being self regulated. An easy for for this is to fit a Manual Boost Controller (MBC). This will allow you to manually set the limit at which the turbo can boost to, preventing it from overboosting.


The engine came as a replacement to the older Nissan QD32ETi engine and incorporated a "Drive-by-wire” engine management system and a draw through MAF sensor.

Alternate Vehicles with this engine

  • Nissan Terrano (1996-1999)